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Overview of Dansereau

Gérard Dansereau has received several awards and his works stand out as contemporary yet joyous and lively. His feline creation called Kat Mandou is a recurring presence along with a string of animal characters.

Whether abstract or figurative, his paintings are prized by several collectors worldwide.

Who is he?
A man in love with color and tranparency.
Gérard Dansereau is a painter who uses his instinct for pure pleasure in order to create works of art with a touch of humor, poetry and the joy of living. For the last few years, he has devoted most of his time to painting. Thanks to his exploration of several artistic disciplines, his work is a vibrant mixture of harmonies.

What has he done?
He has earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design, he worked for several years in the fields of publicity and publishing as a graphic artist and an illustrator.

He aslo taught graphic arts at Ahuntsic college and a Gerard Dansereau award has been established for students of the college.

His artistic journey
Gerard Dansereau started in 1970; he was influenced by the american «pop-art» movement. His works have long been enhanced by the use of typographic and historic elements and he often uses mixed mediums such as collage, ink and pencil.

His love of alley cats may have lead to his creation of Kat Mandou who is a recurring presence in several paintings along with a string of animal characters.

Latest news
Gérard is always evolving but still very contemporary and he manages to redefine himself while still expressing strenght and the same intensity with colors.

His latest paintings show energy and assurance; but where is Kat Mandou? Good question.

What he beleives in
His humanist values mean that the social dimension of art has always been a prime concern of his. He was involved with Amnesty international on the design of a poster which was used worldwide. His work has also been used in the promotion of children's rights.

His best shots
He has received several awards for his work as an illustrator and a graphic artist, one of them given by the Publicity Club of Montreal for his poster « Hergé à Montréal ».

His work even went in orbit! That started when astronaut Julie Payette bought one of his paintings and later asked him to design the personnal emblem which she would be wearing on her mission aboard the NASA space shuttle. We love him! Yes, you can fall in love with Dansereau. His paintings can be abstract or figurative but they share the love of collectors worldwide.

He can touch a vast array of individuals with a wide range of formal knowledge yet he remains loyal to his creed and to his spirit.